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County Mayo

all seasons in one day 10 °C

We went to see my dad's aunty Josephine in Newport in Mayo. It was about 2 hours from my granny and grandad's house. we could see a mountain called crough Patrick that st Patrick climbed.

We played in the hay in the shed.


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In the bog - Mount Bellew

semi-overcast 10 °C

Dad took us to the bog on granny and grandad's farm. this is where they cut the turf that they burn in their fires.

the ground is really soft and I kept falling down holes.



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Tayto Park Co Meath

semi-overcast 12 °C

We went to Tayto Park near Laytown in county MEATH with my uncle and aunty and friends from Sydney.

We went on a jumping ride and it went really high.


This is a picture of my cousin Sarah on the skyway.It was an obstacle course up high.


I went rock climbing and got right to the top.


There is a potato crisp factory in the park where you can see where the tayto crisps are made.


Here I am on the mountain climbing and the skyway Tayto Park

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sunny 12 °C

On 10th April we went to Uncle Dave and Aunty Mary's house in Laytown near Dublin.


we went on a splash viking tour
that went on roads and water
Here is a video of when the viking bus turned into a boat. Viking Tour

we played in a park in the middle of dublin
in dublin we saw a leprechaun

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Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we went to mass first and then after we did an Easter hunt on the farm and the visible magic made the eggs appear after mass. On the EASTER hunt we went to the shed to hunt for some eggs because we had clues but didn't see any but then when we came back the eggs had appeared with the visible magic. we also found eggs in bushes, the forest, near esker hill, in Charle chicken's cage. We found 10 bags and Uncle Dave shared them with us.









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